How To Deal With Blockage

Blockage – an obstruction that makes movement or flow difficult or impossible.

Blockages are often emotional, neatly intertwined with stress, anxiety or pressure. From writers’ block to activity blockage (lethargy) to creative thought blockage to social blockage (not feeling like hitting that party), we tend to face quite a few blockages.

That’s all not that dramatic, it’s even natural. We just have too much on our plates and we simply cannot be performing at our best ALL the time. We are human, we are influenced by hormones and feelings and some of us are naturally less balanced than others.

Yet, it would be nice to get the ball rolling again, to overcome blockages. How can we start the flow of things again?

  1. Shift your focus

Recently I spoke to a tao practitioner. While she mentioned many interesting topics, one particularly stuck to mind. It’s simple and obvious and yet too few take it to heart.

If we are frustrated, angry or upset about something, we should put it down and do something else until our feelings are more balanced again. Then pick it up again. Chances that with a balanced self we succeed are much higher than before.

  • Take a walk
  • Read a book for pleasure
  • Chat with a friend
  • Go dancing, cycling, running, swimming … (this will make you realise that you can succeed indeed and positive energy is transferred onto your blockage to solve it)

Allow yourself at least two hours or even two days, depending on how big your blockage is. Get away from your desk, your fears, the voice in your head. Choose an activity that has nothing to do with your blockage. Do something you truly enjoy, not something you should be enjoying.


  1. Writing Prompts

 This is one of my favourites. It is a bit like brainstorming but involves no particular objective. It’s not just for writers’ block but also useful if you face emotional stress or have to understand yourself, your standpoint, your view on things. Or if you just like to take a quick mental vacation.

Just sit down and write whatever comes to your mind in bulletpoints:


Mississippi – Steam Ships – Plantations – Tobacco – Mango Trees – New Orleans – Jazz – Saxophone – Streetcars –Motorbikes – Alligators – Pier – Sunsets – Dust – Lines of trees – Dust particles – Fruits – Orchards – Morning dew


Past – responsibility – elevators – exams – sweat – time pressure – grey – indoors – proximity – strangers – networking nights – loudness – shrillness – emotions –surprises

More writing prompts from the blog “Thoughts on Toast”

Consider making this a daily routine to keep the flow and prevent blockages. Watch what happens and how it makes you feel. You could start a diary of writing prompts, a neat mood collection and creative mind map.


  1. Create a routine

A blockage is an obstruction of flow. The more rituals you include in your day, the easier things will flow. Routine doesn’t need to be ordinary or boring. You could create a routine that’s very different from other people’s routine, even schedule.

It can be anything from going to bed late and waking up at 9am followed by a 2 hour long breakfast ceremony including radio, emails and paper to an afternoon stroll with the dog or a yoga session each day at 7am, tea time at 5pm over a magazine or book and calling your favourite sibling at 8pm each night.

If you’re a writer set yourself a goal to write a certain amount of words each day (e.g. 500 words before breakfast and 500 words before afternoon tea). Just try to keep your schedule and daily rituals similar each day – why not also include a writing prompt each morning to boost your flow?


The author is currently working on points 1 and 3. 

What are your ways to overcome blockages? I’d love to hear from you. Enjoyed the read? Why not share it with your network.


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